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      About Us
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      About Us

          Hebei Fengyuan Green Technology Inc. is committed to the field of energy saving technology research and development of high-tech equipment. 

          The company has won: Cangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Innovation "Top Ten" business model, "high-tech enterprises in Hebei Province," China Quality Association integrity "AAA grade" quality and integrity of member units, "Environmental Protection Industry key enterprises in Hebei Province", "National Environmental protection of key enterprises "," China environmental News "Council of the unit, Hebei environmental Protection Industry Association vice president of the Second Council units, the third Council of China Environmental Protection Industry Unit.

      (Hebei Fengyuan Green Technology Inc. new OTC market listing ceremony in Beijing)

          The company has 9 branches, subsidiaries and multi-site offices radiating the whole country, working together to provide industrial companies and industrial parks with industrial waste-water and waste residue treatment to provide a total solution. The company's main environmental protection business, including large enterprises, industrial park waste-water, zero-emission projects; comprehensive treatment of hazardous waste (investment, construction, operation, comprehensive utilization); environmental engineering design; environmentally engineering general contracting; environmental protection equipment; water treatment equipment; membrane processing equipment. And has the national level B environmental engineering design qualification.



           Over the years, the company has been committed to industrial waste, waste-water treatment technology and process development. The company's "Chemical Waste Slag waste-water Treatment Engineering Technology Research Center" is listed as a provincial key laboratory by the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission. Independent research and development of a number of advanced industrial waste-water and waste residue treatment technologies, in which "recovery of toluene diamine from tar waste discharged from toluene diisocyanate synthesis process" not only obtained domestic invention patents, but also US patents, Japanese patents, Korean patents, Indian patents, and EU patent priority.

      Hebei Fengyuan Green Technology Inc. established: June 2008. 

      Registered capital: 124 million RMB.

      Existing employees: 307


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